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B4 Signs & Advertising is not just a sign company. We provide creative, consultative advertising that can develop a brand for your company. From concept to completion, we can design a logo that represents your company and help consult you in the use of this logo
in a consistent fashion to protect your brand in many different mediums.

There are many products that your logo can be placed on to promote your business or organization and there are many companies waiting to help you with this placement. B4 will help control consistent usage throughout all advertising by creating a brand standard for your company or organization.

You have worked tirelessly and paid dearly for your logo, why not make sure it’s consistently used during all of your marketing efforts. This brand standard can be given to your different vendors as a guide on how to use your logo and what the acceptable variations
may be.

The last thing you want to do is send your logo to a company and they stretch it and color it in a way they think looks good. It’s your BRAND, so protect the integrity of how it is presented in advertising.

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